torimeku: Tomasz Drozdowski


Positive and friendly,
serious about good design.


Tomasz Drozdowski.
Senior Integrated Designer.
Freelancer. London.

Hello, my name is Tomasz, but I prefer if you call me Tomek. I started freelancing in 2006. Since then I've worked with many talented people in Poland, the UK and Spain. I've helped with creating on-line images of Polish A-list musicians and celebrities. For 3.5 years I worked in one of the UK's Top 5 advertising agency, WCRS, which gave me a great experience in working with big brands and award winning projects.

In WCRS I worked on many Above-The-Line, but also Below-The-Line campaigns, both traditional (billboards and press ads) and digital Out-Of-Home executions. I also worked extensively on different digital projects like websites, digital display ads and social advertising. 

I'm an all-round designer. I'm passionate about the visual aspect, but I started as Flash programmer. Since then I managed to dip my toes in all aspects of design, such as digital, print, retouching, 3D and motion. I also dabble in illustration. I like to be challenged and keep expanding my skill set. 

I'm very quick and efficient. I'm also a fast learner. I can master every software in a matter of days. I work great in a team, but I'm also excellent at creating projects completely by myself. Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash; advanced in InDesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver and other Adobe software; intermediate in Cinema 4D and 3DS Max.